Feb 13 2015

Meet and Greet Day 28th Feb

HSIS and Ngati Rangiwewehi are having meet and greet day on

28th February from 9am to 1pm at the Springs

to encourage the community to see what we are doing together and the hope that some may join us in future. The day will consist of:
• Guided walks
• Restoration discussion
• Koaro preservation
• Trapping program
• Book sale – Ancient Waters
• HSIS stand and Ngati Rangiwewehi kiosk
• Picnic lunch

The day is being promoted on the front page the Ngongotaha News.
We would be thrilled if you could join us.

Jan 21 2015

New Year’s Greetings

from the volunteers of the Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society:

The HSIS has been beavering away at our monthly workdays at the Hamurana Springs Recreation Reserve since 2003. Through the on-going efforts of successive Presidents and Committees and a hard core of dedicated volunteers, our passion and love as a community care group of this unique and special place has never waned.
Our inspiration stems from both the need to nurture the magical surroundings in which we work for 3 hours per month, and our love and respect for our Patron, Ynys Fraser. Both incredibly powerful drivers!

Entering 2015 we again face the continuing issues of shortage of funds and a shortage of members. They go hand-in-hand, and it is frustrating to face and comprehend the general apathy from the wider Hamurana/Kaharoa/Ngongotaha communities, many of whom visit and enjoy the place regularly, with friends and visitors.
Here is this amazing natural gift at their backdoor, there are all the positive comments about the improvements within the Reserve which is great, but what happens when the 10-15 (ageing!) families who try to attend every workday, say “enough is enough”?

The only time cost is 3 hours per month (Feb-Nov), usually on the last Saturday morning of the month, and a membership fee of $25 per family or $15 per individual.
And we actually have FUN, lots of camaraderie and leg-pulling, followed by a relaxing social picnic lunch on-site in good weather, or hosted by members if not. It’s a great way to meet the locals, make new friends and enjoy the beauty of the Reserve with like minded people over a glass of your favourite or a nice hot cuppa.

Further, it is exciting times historically at the Reserve, with positive changes and developments ongoing.
Ngati Rangiwewehi have now received this land back from the Crown and are developing plans and strategies for the Reserve. The managing Trust Board and our own committee meet regularly to form a united cooperative approach to our land management/maintenance tasks with some guidance from DOC where necessary. The Koaro (native trout) restoration project is one example of how joint ventures can excel conservation initiatives right here in our front yard.

First 2015 Work Day

Finally, we extend this invitation to all interested readers to attend our FIRST WORK DAY, at the Reserve on Saturday 28 February, 9.00am onwards, where we will be on board to meet you, show casing the work of HSIS and Ngati Rangiwewehi around the Reserve environs.
Come and learn just who we are, what we do, how we do it, and see the results of our joint labours. Learn about our predator trapping programme and how bird life is being protected, watch a demo or have a go your self, see the trout weir and how it works.
Bring a picnic lunch and join in the fun!

Dec 19 2014

“Hamurana Springs – The Ancient Waters”


The Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society has spent the last two years researching, writing and publishing a book on the history of Hamurana Springs, covering all aspects from early maori settlement of the area to present day tourism, management and recreational use.

Ideal for a Christmas gift?

You can order copies of the book through this website by emailing the treasurer cherry.douglas@xtra.co.nz. The book is selling for NZ$40.00 per copy + NZ$5.50 packaging and postage for 1 book within NZ, or NZ$6.50 for 2-3 books.
Payment can be made on line to HSIS account number 38 9001 0800828 00. Please include your ‘surname’ and ‘Book’ and number of ‘Copies’ as a reference when making on-line payments.

Dec 08 2014

End of Year Words

Season's Banner

The Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society is a group of like minded volunteers from the wider Hamurana community who are passionate about the environs at the Hamurana Springs Reserve.
We, in association with kaitiaki (guardians) Ngati Rangiwewehi, partake in maintenance and enhancement works of the walkways, waterways and facilities at the Reserve, by holding half-day working bees once a month. These are always followed by a social luncheon, usually held at the Springs Reserve, and are a great way to meet the local community, contribute productively to a great community asset, and to reap instant reward for effort undertaken.
Working bees are held from February to November each year. Other tasks such as lawn mowing of the Ynys Fraser Track continue year round, as does our predator trapping regime which aims to protect and increase the bird life around the reserve.

If you would like to join our meagre fold, come have some fun and make a great contribution to the environmental prosperity of the Springs, please contact
Kerry Oates – President 3322975 or Cherry Douglas – Treasurer 3322474

As the Society takes a short break over the festive season I take this opportunity, on behalf of all members to wish the wider Hamurana community a very Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday season – Enjoy!

Kerry Oates – President.

Dec 02 2014

Sunny Last Workday & Lunch 2014

Luncheon_01(by Kerry Oates)

Our final work day for 2014 was held on a bright sunny day with a small band of dedicated helpers.
The main task of the day was to spread the recently chipped mulch from the Douglas Grove to our newly planted trees in the Travellers Trees area. The chipping of green waster has been generously funded by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s “Environment Enhancement Fund”, and is a great example of recycling, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which would otherwise result from burning this waster material.

Not only that, the mulch is good compost for our new plantings and has the added bonus of suppressing weeds while the young trees get established.
We also cleared the Sampson’s Folly Track and removed a bit of debris from the main stream.


After the work tasks we all retired to the Douglas house hold for our annual end of year luncheon, kindly hosted by Life Members Jerry & Cherry Douglas.


We were fortunate to have our patron Ynys Fraser present, who at 97 years is as inspiration to us all. 2014-luncheon_03
Ynys recounted a few tales from the early days at the Springs and commended us on our beautification efforts.

We also acknowledged the recent efforts of Paul Sampson who has worked tirelessly to achieve publication of our forth coming book “Ancient Waters” – the history of Hamurana Springs.

In closing our president thanked the committee for their in-put and support in achieving so much during the year, and wished every one a happy and safe festive season, looking forward to a short break from maintenance tasks, and returning with renewed enthusiasm in February 2015.


Nov 27 2014

Saturday last 2014 Workday!

(by Cherry Douglas)
As mentioned in our last post already  this Saturday November 29th is our last working bee for the year.
We need to shift some more chipping that has just occurred, so wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, gloves would be the order of the day. If we have any time or people to spare some work needs to be done around the Sampsons Folley track, but the spreading of the chips has priority and will be fairly labour intensive but we will have quad/mower/trailers to help with this.

Please note: If the weather turns bad we will CANCEL the workday, but will still proceed with our annual end of year lunch at Jerry and Cherry’s house, Kaska Rd Hamurana to thank all of you who have worked and contributed to the Society during the year, including the people on our trapping programme, or even if you are a financial non working member – all are welcome.. We are all working towards the same result.

While we will supply the main food, a contribution of a salad or a dessert towards lunch would be really appreciated plus BYO, although juices etc will be available.

If it is at all possible to let me know numbers for lunch, that would help Lorraine and I plan accordingly, either by phone 3322474, or my mobile 0274 850548 We will finish work at 12.00 and lunch arrival can be anytime from say 12.30 onwards, if you want to come straight from work to our house and freshen up there please feel free to do so. Stay for a little or a long while, Saturday is dedicated to the people who make up the Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society.

As usual 9.am start in the carpark, H & S talk and we go from there.

Nov 10 2014

Not just Gardeners

(by Cherry Douglas)

We have had a very successful working year yet again and all credit to those that always turn up, rain or shine.camaraderie

In place of burning our branch clearings we have so far chipped a huge pile and this has all been spread around the travellers trees area,and on the banks adjacent to this area.
In August another 700 plants were put in the ground by a small but dedicated group, and special thanks go to those that came in early in the morning to get this underway.

Focus at the moment is to clear up a lot of debris caused by high winds and either move this to a chipping pile, or leave to mulch.

The Society has also been very much involved in the Koaro restoration project at the weir in conjunction with Dept of Conservation , BOP Regional Council and Ngati Rangiwewehi – so we are not just “gardeners”. Come along and join in with us, it is a great way to meet new people, have some fun, work for 3 hours and then have a shared lunch and a bit of cameraderie.
Usually we have lunch on site, but as 29th November is our last working day for the year we will have a special lunch at a members house.

So Sat 29th November 9.00 am meet, at the carpark, bring some gardening tools, gloves, etc.

If in doubt of the weather or you have any questions please contact Kerry Oates 3322 975, Lorraine Parker 3493 443, Cherry Douglas 3322474

Oct 31 2014

This Saturday.. workday again

Saturday November 1st  is our next workday.

Continuation of picking up branches and transferring to the chipping pile. Tree to be removed that is down towards the dancing sands – chainsaw required.
Weed spraying ONLY IF there is no wind to avoid any drift. I will have the spray with me.

Usual 9am meet at the carpark, H & S chat, Ed has volunteered !!! and will be leading the charge on Saturday, we may not have the carts this time, so wheelbarrow, loppers, gloves, etc should be the tools of the day, or utes depending on accessability.

Bring your own lunch and a drink and we will have on site depending on what the day is like.

Contact, in the first instance if in doubt of the weather, will be to me Cherry 3322474

Oct 02 2014

Workday 27th September

(By Lorraine Parker)

Yet again we had another small turn out for our workday, but we achieved a huge amount. We manage to stock pile two large piles of branched by the Douglas Tables ready for the chipper.
Thankfully Jerry and Kerry brought their ride-on and trailers which made the job a lot easy and faster.  There is still a lot of wood that can be collected and piled up ready for the chipper and will look at doing some more at our next workday.
And finally a big thank you to the small band of workers who worked tirelessly!
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Sep 24 2014

New Workday this Saturday

Hello everyone – yes its that time again – this Saturday is our next workday.
We will mainly be concentrating on moving branches, wood etc to suitable sites for the chipper to come in again. This is fairly labour intensive so have a hearty breakfast before hand.

Gloves, fluid, hat, wheelbarrows, would be the order of the day. We will have quad/trailer – mower/trailer combination to help achieve this.

Start 9.00 am in the carpark, H & S pep talk, then up to the main spring area to start off. Weather permitting lunch will be in the general area that we will be working in, we will confirm during the morning. Bring your own picnic lunch,enjoy and have a catch up from the previous work day.

If in doubt about the weather on the day, ring Cherry 3322474, Lorraine 3493443
Many hands make light work – make this a fun day rather than an onerous one
Cherry Douglas

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