Nov 02 2015

HSIS change of Webmaster

It’s with bleeding heart I have to say goodbye to my webmaster role.Herma

Beginning 2014 I moved overseas and being so far away appeared to be unworkable to stay on as committee member as well as webmaster.
Hamurana Springs will always stay my personal paradise and I have at least a thousand photos in memories of years I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Lorraine Parker will be the new webmaster from now on.
Kindest regards
Herma Snel



Oct 23 2015

Upcoming Work Day 31st. October

Greetings everyone.
Our 1st summer work day is scheduled for Sat 31st October 2015.
As usual we will meet in the carpark at 9.00am for Health & Safety talk and be directed to the allocated worksite.
Our tasks,  weather permitting, will be a general tidy up along the Ynys Fraser walkway, weedeating, spraying of blackberry growth and some mowing. Bring gardening tools, weedeaters, loppers, spray packs for those who are certified, gloves, hat, drink and bring your own lunch.If the weather on the day is inclement a decision will be made on the morning for either a cancellation or postponement.

Reserve Management Survey
An open day was held recently at the Springs with Ngati Rangiwewehi,Doc, EBOP, Fish&Game, TeArawa Lakes Trust & Rotorua Lakes Council, in attendance to promote awareness of the Springs and to get feedback on its future activities.
This was your opportunity to have your say on the future Reserve Management Plan, but if you were unable to go along that morning then you can still go onto the HSIS website and click onto the link to the survey form, complete and then submit to the Te Tahuhu o Tawakeimoa Trust. We understand it was a successful morning. Unfortunately HSIS was unable to attend due to a bereavement, but a table was set aside for our brochures. HSIS wishes to thank both Ngati Rangiwewehi and DOC for their support to our society.

We also wish to thank those Society members who turned out en-masse to support one of our own – in the passing of Sally French’s husband Rob – it is great to see this support within our organisation.
Don’t forget that we will only be doing four working days from now to April 2016 so come along and join in with those stalwart members who work as a team on the day.
And finally we still have our book Hamurana Springs – The Ancient Waters available through the two Paper Plus stores and McLeods in town, or directly through Jerry
Contact details – Jerry Douglas 0274 824850 should you have any queries.
Cherry Douglas
Financial Administrator

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Aug 17 2015

Reserve Management Plan Survey

The Te Tahuhu o Tawakeimoa Trust is seeking public submission on what visitors enjoy most about the springs, recommendations/ideas/suggestions for conservation and maintenance etc.,
This flyer has been published in the Daily Post, Rotorua Review and the Ngongotaha News and the mentioned open day will be on Wednesday 16th September at the Golf Club rooms between 10.00am and 1.00pm.

Click on the Flyer beneath to complete an online survey:


Aug 04 2015

HSIS Update

At a special meeting held in June and later confirmed at our AGM in July, the Society has elected to re-trench and cut back our working days to four a year, namely October, November, February and March.
We have tried to get new/younger members on board, but it hasn’t happened so with an ageing work group this was the solution we reluctantly came to. We are still actively involved in the trapping programme, with help from the IWI Trust who administer the Springs.
We can be contacted through Jerry Douglas (new elected President) 0274 824850, or through the Contact button on this website. Click here for the full list of committee members.

We have had great success with selling of our book – Hamurana Springs – The Ancient Waters – with over 130 books sold to date. These are available locally through both PaperPlus stores, McLeods Booksellers and direct from Cherry Douglas.
Many have been sold to Libraries out of town, some as far away as Dunedin and Christchurch. As we have only done a run of 200 books, this may well be a limited edition, so if you are interested give us a call.

Jul 24 2015

HSIS donates “The Ancient Waters”


On 22nd May Sally French and Cherry Douglas (pictured here with Sandra Kai Fong – RECT Trustee) pleased to be invited to attend the latest round of funding from Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust, not as recipients this time, but as donors, gifting to them our book “Hamurana Springs – The Ancient Waters” in appreciation of the grants that we have received from them which has enabled us to publish this beautiful book – the cover of which was photography by our own webmaster Herma Snel.

Cherry Douglas

Apr 29 2015

Workday 2nd May Cancelled

Realising there is a clash with other activities this Saturday, the marathon being the main one, and that we have very few people that would be available to work this day, the committee has made the decision to CANCEL.

We hope we have given enough notice that it has not caused too much inconvenience to anyone.




Apr 14 2015

Fantail Monitoring

(by Kerry Oates)Fantail

The results of our fantail monitoring over the 2014/2015 season show we started the season with 17 pairs, two more than at the end of last season.
Six months later after a long dry summer we had 17.5 pairs and 7 singles. This is our best season yet, showing a 24% increase and at least six pairs successfully fledged young during the season. One pair fledged two young.

Fantail monitoring is another method of checking how good our trapping effort is, technically referred to as non-target impact monitoring.
The first seasons data set a benchmark from which future comparisons can be made, and the longer we do this the more value the data has.
Now after three years we know that there is room for fantail numbers to keep increasing and the overall trend is one of expansion.
This strongly indicates that our trapping efforts are assisting fantail survival and breeding success. It is also starting to show up that those pairs breeding in native vegetation gullies around the northern boundary of the Reserve, tend to be more successful than those around the southern fringes, particularly the River Walk area where there is high public use. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

Fantail numbers can fluctuate considerably from year to year depending on how severe the winter is. Young birds often succumb to the cold, so the number of pairs present at the start of next season (September 2015) should really tell us something.

Keep up the great work!

Monitoring Results

Mar 27 2015

Workday this Saturday 28th March

This Sat is our scheduled workday – subject of course to fine weather. If the weather is against us we will CANCEL the day.
We intend to – in the following order:
(a) Clear along the driveway in front of Ynys Frasers house up to the small gate at the end of her property towards the implement shed
(b) Pull out the fence above the weir – one or two to help Stephen would be great
(c) Release plantings if time/people permit.

Bring your gardening gear, bring your lunch which we will come back to Kaska Rd for to partake/mix & mingle – see you at 9am in the carpark for H & S talk and registration.

If in doubt of the weather please ring me by 8.30am by which time a decision will have been made.|

Cherry Douglas

Mar 14 2015

HSIS has 100 Facebook Likes


Mar 01 2015

Meet and Greet.. looking back

(by Lorraine Parker)

Hamurana Springs Inc. Society held an open day at the springs, and what a glorious sunny day it was. Not a cloud in the sky, very light breeze and a wonderful group of friends made for a successful day.  Ngati Rangiwewehi were also there with both groups showcasing the wonderful work that has been done around the Springs.

HSIS had their new book on display which received a lot of interest from the locals and visitors alike.  Although the day started off a little slow, by 11am the Springs was abuzz with tourist and locals.
Cherry Douglas, Kerry Oats, Ed van Den Broek and myself manned the kiosk at the entrance, handing out our pamphlets and engaging in conversation with the visitors who came from all around the country and overseas. We met visitors from the Netherlands, China, France and as far away as Alaska.  It was also great to meet the many locals who come out for their weekly walks or who brought their visitor out, or were just walking their dogs.  Many had memories and stories of the Springs from years ago and it was so interesting talking to them. Hopefully a few of them will return as new helpers for our workdays.
Local Lawrence Beaufil graciously brought down some of his old photos of the Springs on a display board and was more then happy to talk to the visitors about them.
Stephen Parker manned the Ynys Fraser Walkway to explain the Koaro Project and the Weir, and Diane Hay manned the Head Springs.
Barry and Liz Menzies tirelessly toiled away weeding and pruning by the Douglas Grove and the wonderful Ynys Fraser our patron joined us for our shared lunch. Ynys is now 98 years old and still has a wonderful spring to her and life, must be the years of pure living she has had at the springs.

The temperature had hit 26 ̊C by noon so it was a very very warm day, kids were out swimming while the geese and ducks were enjoying all the attention.
The main stream looked spectacular and even the Rainbow Trout showed up and wowed the visitors.
All in all a great day was had by all.
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Feb 13 2015

Meet and Greet Day 28th Feb

HSIS and Ngati Rangiwewehi are having meet and greet day on

28th February from 9am to 1pm at the Springs

to encourage the community to see what we are doing together and the hope that some may join us in future. The day will consist of:
• Guided walks
• Restoration discussion
• Koaro preservation
• Trapping program
• Book sale – Ancient Waters
• HSIS stand and Ngati Rangiwewehi kiosk
• Picnic lunch

The day is being promoted on the front page the Ngongotaha News.
We would be thrilled if you could join us.

Jan 21 2015

New Year’s Greetings

from the volunteers of the Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society:

The HSIS has been beavering away at our monthly workdays at the Hamurana Springs Recreation Reserve since 2003. Through the on-going efforts of successive Presidents and Committees and a hard core of dedicated volunteers, our passion and love as a community care group of this unique and special place has never waned.
Our inspiration stems from both the need to nurture the magical surroundings in which we work for 3 hours per month, and our love and respect for our Patron, Ynys Fraser. Both incredibly powerful drivers!

Entering 2015 we again face the continuing issues of shortage of funds and a shortage of members. They go hand-in-hand, and it is frustrating to face and comprehend the general apathy from the wider Hamurana/Kaharoa/Ngongotaha communities, many of whom visit and enjoy the place regularly, with friends and visitors.
Here is this amazing natural gift at their backdoor, there are all the positive comments about the improvements within the Reserve which is great, but what happens when the 10-15 (ageing!) families who try to attend every workday, say “enough is enough”?

The only time cost is 3 hours per month (Feb-Nov), usually on the last Saturday morning of the month, and a membership fee of $25 per family or $15 per individual.
And we actually have FUN, lots of camaraderie and leg-pulling, followed by a relaxing social picnic lunch on-site in good weather, or hosted by members if not. It’s a great way to meet the locals, make new friends and enjoy the beauty of the Reserve with like minded people over a glass of your favourite or a nice hot cuppa.

Further, it is exciting times historically at the Reserve, with positive changes and developments ongoing.
Ngati Rangiwewehi have now received this land back from the Crown and are developing plans and strategies for the Reserve. The managing Trust Board and our own committee meet regularly to form a united cooperative approach to our land management/maintenance tasks with some guidance from DOC where necessary. The Koaro (native trout) restoration project is one example of how joint ventures can excel conservation initiatives right here in our front yard.

First 2015 Work Day

Finally, we extend this invitation to all interested readers to attend our FIRST WORK DAY, at the Reserve on Saturday 28 February, 9.00am onwards, where we will be on board to meet you, show casing the work of HSIS and Ngati Rangiwewehi around the Reserve environs.
Come and learn just who we are, what we do, how we do it, and see the results of our joint labours. Learn about our predator trapping programme and how bird life is being protected, watch a demo or have a go your self, see the trout weir and how it works.
Bring a picnic lunch and join in the fun!

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